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Logo Design

On my "About Me" section I tell you that when you hire me, you get my wife, Sarah, too. This is a perfect example of that. Proper Droppers is a friend's of mine essentialI oil team and as I was working on this logo I got really excited about some ideas that I wanted to try and Sarah said, "Nope! for this you need something more natural and organic." And boy, was she right. Below are the versions that came about as a result of her help.

Logo Options

This was a lot of fun to do and I just could not make up my mind what I liked the most. Which do you prefer?

This is my favorite style but I have a hard time choosing between the color options.
This was a fun drop lotus concept to create and play with but the group above is still my favorite.
This is just a simple drop version. Not as floral, but simple and clean.

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