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AusTX Saul Bass Style Series

A designer friend of mine, Matt (an AMAZING designer and mentor) asked for some help with a design project that he was working on and I could not have been happier to help. All of these images were done of iconic Austin locations to emulate the one and only Saul Bass (interesting brief bio video here) who Matt introduced me to. I was really happy with the final results. Special shout out to my wife, Sarah, for her critique and suggested improvements.

Frost Tower

The Frost Tower has long been my favorite building in Austin and this was a fitting one to begin the project with. It was super cool to try to see the world through Saul Bass' eyes. I strongly recommend it.

‍This was the first piece I did for this project and I loved it!
Source Image

Austin Capitol with statue

This was the first design of the capitol that I did but it was rejected because of the gun in the picture. I chose the pink color because our capitol was built with pink granite. This color is an exaggeration, but I really like how it works with the other muted colors.

‍Austin Capitol Building with a statue in the foreground
Source Image

Austin Capitol final draft

Again, notice the pink. I'm not going to lie, I love our capitol building.

Source Image

Austin Graffiti Park

This piece was the last one that I did for this project and was easily the most time-consuming and fun. This was only for a 3 inch image so I didn't go crazy with the details. but eventually I want to go back into the image and fill it all in for a larger print.

‍Austin's Graffiti Park
Source Image

Final Product

I sent over my designs to Matt and this is where he put them in. I was really happy with how it all came together.

This is a full sized banner at the event
This is two pages that fold together
Inside the front cover
Double-sided note page in the back

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