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Camera Concept Art

Camera Logo Concept Art

I was working on a photography logo for a client and had a lot of fun getting some concepts out of my head. These are some of my favorite rejected concepts. I hope that you enjoy. Everything you see below is 100% hand-drawn by me.

Green Camera

The green version of the camera above

Black and White w/ Cherry blossoms.

This has a decidedly Hawaiian feel to it

Simple Camera with hand-drawn Peonies

The peonies were my wife's idea. She really likes them and I think that they came out well.

Isn't this how you take photos?

Aperture Flower

This was fun to play with. It took a while to get the effect that I wanted of a camera lens mixed with a flower.

Stylized tripods with stylus

I was just playing around here, but they are pretty cool.

Simple, Clean, Version

I was just looking for some sleek, clean lines for this one.

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