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Van Life KC Logo

Van Life KC Logo

So this project is a bit more personal for me than most. Mainly because it is my family's new business! The Martin fam going to start renting out custom camper vans in the Kansas City Metro area for your trips. I mean who wouldn't want a vehicle and a place to stay for the same price as just one of those! We have a converted Honda Element named "Orange You Glad?" and an amazing (much bigger) custom Ford Transit built by the amazing team at VanDoIt right here in Kansas City. Both vehicles will be ready to rent March of 2020.

This logo, like the business was a family affair. I played around with some logos and then narrowed it down to this style. Sarah really completed the logo with the idea to use the Endless Summer poster color scheme. As usual the amazing Matt O'Rourke provided some great ideas to clean up the logo. I really can't say enough what it means to have a mentor like him. Matt helped me get started in design and has been an incredible source of help ever since.

All that to say, if you like adventure then head on over to VanLifeKC.com (website coming very soon) to rent one of our vehicles for the adventure of a lifetime.

If you don't want to rent a vehicle. but do need some graphic design for your family business then let me know. I would love to help however I can.

Black version of the logo. Each logo that I make in color will also have a Black & White version for use when color doesn't work.

Here is the white version of the logo ready to go. All logos that I create will also come with the negative image for use on dark backgrounds (Like this website).

I went ahead and created a logo type logo for other uses.

Here is the simple text logo that I am using for the favicon on my website. That is the small box that lives in your website browser tab.

Here is a larger view of the color logo for your viewing pleasure.

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