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Dorian Roofing Logo

Dorian Roofing Logo Design

This was another fun project to work on. Edgar reached out about some logo help and we had some great conversations and ideation sessions that led to a logo that I am really happy with. Edgar told me about the Doric Order and Dorian Architecture (Google it!) that led to the name of his business. It evokes solid quality builds that last a long time and I was totally on board. We ended up with this clean logo that reminds me a bit of some Mid-Centrury Modern homes that I always drool over. If you need some roofing work done, don't hesitate to check out Dorain roofing at: dorianroofinginc.com.

Initial Drafts (that I still quite enjoy)

I especially like the stencil logo here. It was a lot of fun to do.

These were just some simple designs that I played with and notice the stencil again ;)
These were my attempts to include some homage to the Dorian Architecture that inspired the business name.
Some playing with the D & R to see if something could happen.

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