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Kitzie Spa Rack Cards

Kitzie Spa Rack Cards

Y'all. Every time that I get a chance to work with Laura I cherish the opportunity. This is our third project together and it was great just like always. Laura was looking for some rack cards to display her extensive menu of services that she offer. There is a lot of info on these cards and we really wanted to make them one-sided so it offered a fun challenge to try out. You should really stop by her spa and take a look at the cards themselves. Head over to her website to take a look. I may or may not have designed that too ;)

If you need any branding materials for your business, reach out and say hello. I would love to hear what you are thinking.

These are all 5 cards printed out and ready for delivery. The major services that Kitzie Spa offers are: Acne Care, Custom blend makeup, signature facials, skin care for cancer, and facial care for men. Schedule today.

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