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Greeting Card Design

Greeting Cards

I was asked to design some cards for a volunteer event for a school in town and was given the messages, the school logo and cart blanche for everything else. I had a lot of fun working on these with the wife. Check it out!

The base illustrations on these are vintage etchings from some really old books that I think are just beautiful. All of the accents are my special additions.

Birthday Card

Birthday Card Outside

Birthday Card Inside

General Card

I was completely stuck on what I wanted to do for this one and kept trying stuff that wasn't working out. Then my wife saved the day and had the idea for these hand-drawn sunglasses on the animals. I am really happy with the result. This is my favorite piece from the project.

Well Wishes Card

Since the animals that you see above were not best suited for the audience of the cards I was asked to redesign it to express something with more "love and caring". So I made this. It isn't a wolf wearing sunglasses, but I think that it is pretty cute.

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