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Jedel Excellence in Mathematics Education

Mathematics Award Design

I was given the wonderful opportunity to blend two of my passions in this project: Education and Design. The Jedel Excellence in Mathematics Education is a new award that will be given out to Kansas Teachers who exemplify excellence in mathematics education. The selection committee at the University of Kansas was looking for a logo that would be able to go on the documentation for the award and, most importantly, - the SWAG!

Alternate Branded Versions

Whenever I work with clients, I make sure that they have logos that fit their needs. Below you will see examples of the type of branding that I include with logos I create.

This is a simplified square version so that they have a responsive logo for various instances.
Black and white version of the full logo.

Here is the white transparent version.

Earlier Versions (That I am still fond of)

You can see the theme of the Golden Ratio that I was working with for a lot of these math logos. This was one of my favorites and inspired what later became the final version.

This was an interesting one with the fractal as the main design element that I really enjoy looking at.

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