Logo Design

Electrician Logo

Logo Design

A local electrician wanted a logo for his new business and asked me to help out. He gave me carte blanche with the first design draft so I went wild with some design ideas that I thought would be fun to try out. He wasn't even sure what he would call the business so I got to play with that as well.

If you need any logo work done don't hesitate to reach out. I would love to help you personalize your business or organization.

Rejected Drafts

You will notice some of the final elements in these logos. The lightbulb, went through a lot of iterations that you can see below.
These are some of my favorites of the rejected drafts. The client wanted a more realistic bulb, but I liked how the se all fit together.
Some retro-inspired logo designs that I had fun with.
Playing with some different fonts, images and styles on these.
These were some second drafts that helped us hone in on the lightbulb. I had a lot of fun drawing these, but I certainly line the final product the best.

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