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Logo Redesign

A client of mine approached me to see if we could work on a redesign of a logo for her business. Jovita is a Certified Nutritional Therapist (NTP) and works incredibly closely with her clients on nutrition, digestion, health, and wellness. I have always loved her business name because it evokes light and growth and she wanted a logo to do the same thing. Below is what we came up with.

If you are in West Texas and want to look into Jovita's services check out her website here or her Facebook page here. I can speak first-hand to her knowledge of what she practices as well as the care that she imparts to all those around her.

I am always looking for new projects, so don't hesitate to reach out if you need anything for you business or personal needs.

The simple logo mark. I really like the abstract nature of this logo that has some neat symbolism in the design.

The combination logo mark on a white background.


This was a rather unique project because much of it was spent on video chat co-designing the logo. Jovita is wildly creative and we had a great time working together. Approximately half of the time was Jovita and I working together on the final product. I always want to allow my clients to be as involved as they feel comfortable with and if that means hands-on then lets do it!

Below are some of the rejected ideas in our process.

This was my favorite of the rejected logos. I was really happy with the leaves making the "V" of vitality and the cohesive image that the logo made. Jovita, didn't want a flower to be the first thing that people noticed when they saw her logo so we kept working. You can see several elements of the final logo here.
Some more process shots of logos that we moved on from. You can notice that the only element that always remained was the yellow circles. Jovita designed that part herself and I love the light, and growth that it evokes.
We took a retro turn here that was interesting but ultimately discarded.

I also want to offer a big thank you to Matt O' Rourke, Jon Woods, and my wife Sarah for their invaluable feedback on this project.

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