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For the Sake of One Logo

Non-Profit Logo

For the Sake of One is an excellent non-profit located in Texarkana that focuses on orphan and foster care ministries. I was approached to work on a logo for their updated website which I was also given the pleasure to design.

Go check out their site and see the awesome work that they are doing for orphans and foster children in Texarkana.

Final Logo

Here is the final logo with the text to bring it all together. You can see it featured on the website and Facebook Page. We wanted to have some rough edges in this logo to make it look a bit more childlike given the nature of the company.

Conceptualization stage

In any design project, I like to have an ideation meeting to work to understand the vision and goals of my client. The name of For the Sake of one comes from the Star-Thrower story that tells of someone making the difference for one life at a time. So that is why so many of these have stars as the theme.

If we work on a project together you will also get versions to choose from and continue to iterate until you are satisfied.

This is a shot of a few of the conceptions that I created based on the ideation meetings with the client.

Web Favicon

In a browser tab there is a little box called a favicon to identify your tab from others. Every logo I create will also come with a favicon to give your website it's finishing touch.

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