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Logo Design

A friend of mine is an INCREDIBLE family photographer in Austin, TX. Check out some of her work here. She allowed me the great privilege to redesign a logo for her business. I have to admit that working with Lacy was a ton of fun. She had some neat ideas about what she wanted that I was able to bring to life. She gave me some source material and I went crazy from there. Check out the finished results below and check out her website to see it "in the wild" and, more importantly, to see her great talent in capturing priceless family moments. You might even see my family make a cameo on the website ;)

Text Logo

This is where the final logo ended up. Lacy wanted something simple and elegant. I hand drew these leafs and I think that it looks really nice on her website. I created several more versions that were a lot more complex than this, but she wanted simple and elegant and I think she made a great decision.

See this on her website

Round Logo version / Watermark

This was created from the final version of the logo to be used as the watermark or alternate version on the logo. I tried to subtly capture the essence of a camera lens to build this in.

Watermark Version

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