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Real Estate Brochure

Recruiting Brochure

The team over at the Shane Griffen Group are growing like crazy. They asked me to design a recruiting brochure for talking to potential team members about how great they are. Interested in what makes them so unique? Check out their website here. Fair warning - you will be impressed!

I enjoyed working with the team as well as learning all about real estate from the brokerage side. If you have a business that you need some print design for, please don't hesitate to reach out. I am always taking on new clients and would love to chat about your vision.

Full Brochure

Front Cover
Inside the brochure

Here is the back cover including the spreadsheet that I cleaned up to use for the brochure.

Alternate Version

This was an earlier draft that we ended up iterating past, but I'm still rather fond of it and it shows a different style than the final version. This includes the front and back covers.

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