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Loop 13 Logo

Y'all. This is one of the coolest ideas that I have ever been able to help with. Don't believe me? Check out Mark Rogers is undertaking an amazing journey to loop with his students for 13 years! That means we will stay with the same group of students from the time that they start kindergarten until they graduate high school. Now that is commitment! I have a tough time knowing what I will be doing next week much less 13 years from now. Head on over to his website to see the incredible story and work that Mark is doing for students. If you are a teacher interested in looping with your students, Mark is also working on being able to offer some scholarships and training so take a look.

This was fun because Mark and I have been chatting back and forth about this logo for years and we finally just sat down and collaborated to make it happen.

If you happen to need a logo for your your business or non-profit, please reach out and let's chat. I love helping projects get off the ground.

This is a horizontal version of the logo with the website included.
I got a special surprise in the mail the other day with my very own Loop13 Swag. Do like Mark says and head over to the website and check it out.

Here are the two versions of the logo in black.

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